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Pressley M. Hambrick IV

Life is an adventure. And just like an adventure you can be born a King and die poor and lonely, or be born a peasant and rise to Kingship. Either way birth is nothing you have control over, however, your choices in between life and death are yours for the taking. 

Pressley has been mentoring everyone from kings to peasants most of his adult life. For the past 15+ years he has started non profits, served in ministry, and coached. But let's start at the beginning. Born into a life of entrepreneurship Pressley began working at the age of 6. His grandparents owned 2 apartment buildings in which he learned the art and business of multifamily. To create an even deeper understanding of Pressley's knowledge and skillset you have to also look at his fathers background. Father Pressley, Pressley Hambrick III, also worked in the real estate realm. He owned Platinum Construction, a rehab and single family rental company. This is where young Pressley honed his carpentry skills. From drywall, to concrete, plumbing, and even electrical Pressley Hambrick IV was taught, monitored, then left to his owned devices on the jobsite.  Currently through Dimensional Capital Pressley and his team are developing a 42 acre mixed use site consisting of 300 unit Class A multifamily 150 townhomes, and 13 acres of commercial NNN in Texas. In Michigan the team has accepted a request from the city to build 150 residential homes to rebuild and rebrand the city. 


However, as every bird does, Pressley wanted to leave the nest in what he was born into to pursue his own personal dreams and desires. This included an Auto Enthusiast Country Club where he created relationships with the worlds most elite. Maintaining vehicles, and in some cases fleet of exotic cars for music moguls, politicians, royalty, and the movers and shakers of the world. That's what began to give Pressley a different prospective of the world. 

As luck would have it, through his car journey Pressley met an amazing entrepreneur and internationally known artist G' Larri. Excited about the direction G' Larri was going with his tech startup, Pressley brought his business savvy and skillsets to provide additional leadership and collaboration. Together they traveled to Italy to present and meet with the Lamborghini family. This artistic renewable energy startup is still making waves in the market and is set to be one of the firsts of its kind.

All roads lead to one point... your destination. Whether you like it or not, who you are is who you will always be. The goal is to understand who you truly are and how to mold that frame and foundation into something successful; but more importantly, someone you are proud to look at in the mirror. From the journey which started in real estate, has ultimately reunited Pressley back to that path. However, it was in between those times Pressley was able to make a significant impact in the countless lives of others. Through those years he mentored everyone from impoverished youth, millionaires, billionaires, and even royalty. Some through the mental health clinic he opened for his wife, others through close relationships, but most through his non profit, The Hambrick Development Group of America. This page was not written to be an About Me page for those to gaze at the accomplishments and growth of Pressley's life. It was created to display the diversity and wealth of knowledge he brings to your life as a coach and mentor. 


What will you learn as a mentee in this program. Simple, how to buy and sell Multifamily Real Estate. Lesson #1 from the Syndicate Program, always ask a better question. It isn't what you will learn, but better yet, how will you learn; how will you retain vital information; how will this program teach you to bring the success out of your life. 

Lesson #2... a short parable reads: the common man reads a book to learn how to become wealthy, the wealthy reads a book to find one sentence that will take their lives and business to the next level. To display this point, above it reads this program will teach you how to bring success out of your life. The success you desire is already placed within you. You have 2 significant requirements to achieve this success. 

- Believe what you desire is possible, see it, read it, and write it everyday.

- Continually work towards your desires by walking out those actions regardless of failure or success. 

The Syndicate program not only teaches its students the art of multifamily syndication, it gives you the tools, resources, and leverage needed to ensure a successful transaction. Also gives you the confidence and ability to perform and close on your deals. 

Lesson #3... knowledge is dead without the wisdom of when to execute not only at the right time, but with the right resources. You will be given access to Dimensional Capital Partner's legal, accounting, and marketing team and resources. Even this website was created in house by Dimensional Capital Partners. A similar website, professional email, software package is given to all students. Sometimes its the difference between a Gmail and business email that will get a brokers attention to enter a deal.

Pressley has been blessed to be happily married for 15 years with 3 amazing kids. His wife Roxanne, which helps consult with the psychological and behavioral health aspects, is a LMSW with a BS in Psychology, Master in Mental Health and just recently graduated with her MBA from Rice University. Roxanne has been running The Hambrick Center for Counseling & Biofeedback for a few years now. 



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