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Coaching Questionnaire

Self employed?
Have you invested in anything before?
Have you invested in multifamily before?
Are you an Accredited Investor?

An Accredited Investor earns $200,000 or more as an individual or $300,000 married.


Has $1 Million in assets NOT INCLUDING personal residence.


Has a Series 7, Series 65, or Series 82 financial license. 

Are you signing up for Life Coaching

If you are declining Life Coaching you do not need to answer personal questions.

Children or young dependents?
Have you been diagnosed with:
How much do you exercise?
How happy are you with your current life?
Are there any significant current or recent life stressers
What is your current level of stress?
Have you currently or recently used addictive prescription or illegal substances?
Have you struggled with subastance abuse recently or currently?
How's your credit?
Do you manage money well?
Which days are best for coachng?
What is your level of motivation to receive coaching?
Do you have future goals set?
Do you plan events, goals, and/or milestones for the week ahead?
What's your shirt size

Thanks for submitting!

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