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Dimensional Capital Partners

Multifamily Investments

passive income through multifamily investing

Apartment Building

Buy It

Unlocked Value & Potential

Proven Rental History

Visible Economic Trends

Existing Marketing

Income Day 1

Exits Within 2-5 Years


Build It

Build Under Market Costs

Create Higher Returns

High Demand Solution

Long Term Maintenance 

Develop in New Markets

New Design Trends


Passive Income

Investing in multifamily allows you to receive passive income. What possibilities would that unlock for you?

Tax Deferment

When we sell a property to create you a huge profit. Current tax laws allows you to roll your profit into the next deal and defer taxes.

Higher Returns

Historically the stock market provides a 4%-8% return after fees and commissions. Multifamily returns average from 1992-2018 has been 9.75%+. 

Priced Out

Multifamily has always been the solution for all income ranges. With trend of the economy many more will not be able to afford a home, so we will provide them a solution!



Good multifamily real estate is able to endure through significant economic trials and tribulations. The simple fact is, real estate is limited and doesn’t go out of business. This makes it very difficult to bring the value down to zero. When compared to other investment vehicles, the accessed value of real estate changes very slowly. The U.S. Census Bureau Housing Vacancy Survey April 2017 released that rent increased in both recessions. Investing with Dimensional Capital Partners not only offers an opportunity to provide more protection for your investment, we may also offer a return in the times where other investments are declining... or disappearing. 
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Multifamily Investments

Depreciation Tax Credit

Quarterly or Monthly Distributions

Higher Stability

Income Tax Benefits

Stable Market

2 Year -10 Year Investment Period


No Depreciation Tax

Quarterly Distributions

Can Be Volatile

Only Tax Deferred

Unstable Market

Up to 20+ Year Investment Period

Mother and Daughter Love

and so does your family...

Dimensional Capital Partners
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